Kajax Fishexport As - мороженая рыба оптом, балтийская килька, балтийская салака

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Kajax Fishexport AS 
Fish export from the Baltic sea
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Kajax Fishexport AS - Fish export from the Baltic Sea

   The company AS Kajax Fishexport was founded in February 1994. The facilities are conveniently located onthe shore of the Gulf of Pärnu in the Baltic Sea, readily available for 3receiving fish from fishers. The fish from the Baltic Sea are supplied by AS Hiiu Kalur - the biggest fishing company, and in the period of offshore fishing – by local fishermen.
AS Hiiu Kalur is fishing for two factories: 40 percent of the caught fish go to AS Läätsa Kalatööstus and 60 percent to AS Kajax Fishexport. Modern trawlers have cold water tanks on board to temporarily store fish at +1 °C…+3°C .1The factory of AS Kajax Fishexport has four air freezing chambers with an average capacity of 20 tons each. It takes about seven or eight hours to freeze thick blocks of fish at - 18°C. The raw material packing line is equipped with automatic dozers which allows for quick processing and therefore improves the quality of the product.
The frozen fish packing line has an automatic cardboard box supplier, automatic binger and gluer. A cardboard weighs 33 kg net and contains three 11 kg blocks in polyethylene bags.
2Spesial storage refrigerators meet all the applicable requirements and ensure the high-quality storage of the finished product.
Our experience combined with the latest technologies quarantee perfect quality.
Our specialists meticulously monitor the complete production process from the raw material delivery, through package and storage to the shipment of the finished product.

About 20 percent of the processed fish are used to produse 


spisy sprat and Baltic herring. We produse spisy fish using a special tecknology and our exclusive „ Kajax“ spice mix recipe, ensuring high quality and great taste. Annually we freeze 10 thousands tonnes of fish.
Today we export our products to Russia, Ukraine, Moldavia, Poland, Bulgarie and Romania.
As Kajax Fishexport has managed to achieve and maintain leadership in wholesale trade thanks to long-term business contacts with AS Hiiu Kalur, the raw material supplier.
6We are allways open to business dialoque and eager to establish new partnerships with our potential clients.


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